Community Thoughts

   As I have been hearing from you and our neighbors through conversations about Lakewood, I have noticed a trend of concerns, questions, and comments our community has regarding the future of our home. 

Some of the trends I have heard from you focus on:

  • Safeguarding our Open Space and Parks from Development

  • Promoting the safekeeping of our one of a kind Environment

  • Maintaining and Improving our roads and sidewalks

  • Working with our officers to improve Police Readiness and Response Times

  • Collaborating with police and neighborhood leaders to fight crime and vandalism

  • Permanently ending the effects of the "Rat House" by Kendrick Lake and listening to the impacted neighbors

  • Responsibly investing in our neighborhoods and existing parks to truly create a great environment for everyone - Kids, Families, and Residents. 

  • Fostering a Business -friendly environment suitable for growth

  • Following a responsible budget where the city effectively operates within its means

                These are the issues and the concerns that I will work to address with your support


If we "set our minds to achieving" we can create practical, responsible, and strategic solutions that will alleviate many concerns

                               "Where there are problems, there are always countless opportunities!"

Every voice, perspective, and opinion is vital to the health and well-being of our neighborhoods!                                                           Please reach out to me with what you would like addressed 



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